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We can take complete care of your boat in the winterProfessional winter storage

Winter storage

Our boathouse offers an impressive 1,500 m² of winter storage, and we also have 30,000 m² of outdoor storage.

In addition to these winter storage facilities, Ottenhome Heeg has a 10-tonne crane. Heavier vessels can be lifted out of the water by neighbouring companies.

If you’re looking for suitable storage for your boat during the winter months;

Ottenhome Heeg is the place to go.

Windand water free boathousesMassive capacityAll types of maintenance and repair possible

Winter storage for yachts and motorboats per m² of boat

– Outside € 27,50
– Boathouse € 47,50
– Open boats outside € 350,00
– Pressure washing of deck/cockpit open boats € 45,00
– Pressure washing of deck, cockpit and superstructure up to 7 m. € 57,50
– Pressure washing of deck, cockpit and superstructure from 7 m. € 75,00 per hour
– Rental Polyvalk winter cover € 75,00
– Rental Fox 22 winter cover (upright mast) € 170,00
– Installation of owner’s Polyvalk winter cover € 35,00
– Installation of owner’s winter cover € 80,00
– Removal, drying, storage and reinstallation of rigging € 75,00 per hour
– Use of boathouse by owner to carry out work themselves € 50,00 per day
– Use of workshop by owner to carry out work themselves € 75,00 per day

Prices include pressure washing of the underwater hull, washing the hull with soap and water up to the upper hull edge/rubbing strake/foot rail, incl. use of boat chocks and transport to the winter storage place.
The boats must be prepared without rigging ready for transport to winter storage. Polyvalk masts (upright), booms and gaffs may remain on board. A halyard can be used as forestay when the jib furling has been taken off. We lower the mast completely as soon as the boat is removed from the water.
Separate inventory, boat hooks, rigging, etc. must be removed from the boat, except for fenders. In connection with the large number of boats that we store and maintain, we cannot accept responsibility for damage or loss of inventory.
The storage period runs from 1 October to 31 March. Boats are launched on call from 1 April onwards. You can store your boat longer or carry out maintenance outside this period, subject to appointment.

Mast lowering and raising on yachts (each time):

Boats up to 9 meters € 82,50
Boats from 9 meters € 125,00

Engine storage and maintenance:

Engine winter service only in combination with storage.
Storage and engine winter service € 150,00 + material and any spare parts required
Storage outboard engine € 75,00

*larger engines on request
NB: it is advisable to empty and dry the separate tanks of the outboard engines in connection with condensation and the contamination of old petrol. This is often the cause of poor starting and running, even after a service.

Preparing inboard engines for winter:

Rinse the engine with antifreeze, flush the toilet if necessary with antifreeze, remove drinking water, empty the boiler, remove the batteries and put into storage.

Winter service inboard engine

Preparing inboard engines for winter + complete service:
• Adjust the valves
• Change the engine oil and oil filter
• Change the diesel filter
• Check the impeller and V-belt, and replace if necessary
• Check the propeller shaft installation (shaft gasket/grease cord)
• Overall visual inspection of motor

Cost: Labour € 75,00 per hour (excluding material and parts).

Polyvalk and FOX 22 maintenance

• Cleaning, brushing and waxing the hull € 75,00 per hour
• Cleaning, polishing and waxing the deck, the cockpit and the structure at € 75,00 per hour
• Minor gelcoat damage is repaired during cleaning, and charged separately at € 75,00 per hour
• Refresh or renew plimsoll line per piece/side € 32,50
• Renewal of antifouling:
– Only renew antifouling at the plimsoll line, about 1.25 hours work at € 75,00 per hour, material approx. € 60,00
– Renew whole underwater hull antifouling at € 75,00 per hour, material approx. € 130,00
NB: self-eroding antifouling must be replaced virtually every year
• Winter storage of battery incl. charging twice during the winter € 47,50 per battery
Prices for the storage and treatment of cushions and batteries are relatively high, but related to the amount of work involved.
Other work and repairs of major damage after inspection and consultation with you.
Materials and labour calculated afterwards.

All prices are in euros including 21% VAT, and apply until 31 March 2022

NB.: 1. The fire service and terms &conditions for insurance require that gas bottles are removed from boats during winter storage in the boathouse.

All information and prices can be found under the heading “downloads”

Ask for the possibilities
Ottenhome Heeg winter storage
Winter storage

After a great sailing season, the winter period starts every year around November. You will, of course, want your boat to be taken care of during the winter, and not have to worry about it. Ottenhome Heeg can answer your every need.

Ottenhome Heeg has a 1,500 m2 winter storage boathouse, as well as a 30,000 m2 storage area outside. The marina has a 10-tonne crane, but heavier boats can be lifted from the water with the boat lifts of neighbouring companies.

You can also contact Ottenhome Heeg if you want work carried out on your boat, such as painting, polyester repairs, stainless steel yacht fittings, assembly/repairs, or installing a bow thruster; almost anything is possible.

How does it work?
If you have a permanent mooring in our marina, we will send you a message in the autumn.You will also be contacted if you have had your boat moored at Ottenhome Heeg in previous years.You can let us know all your needs on the winter storage form, and let us know when your boat will be ready to be removed from the water.
You can then carry out any minor jobs on your boat in the meantime, subject to consultation.This is almost always possible if your boat is stored outside.In the boathouse, you can rent a part of the workshop.

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